Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some more tees.

I have read on flickr about so many people who just love the Oliver + S knit fabric, so I threw some on with my last order. So glad I did!! It is an absolute dream to sew with, it is so soft, yet isn't fiddly when you are sewing. So first up was a flashback skinny tee, size 12m.

Elizabeth and her squishy baby belly. I will need to lengthen this tee next time I make it for her. It fit Georgie just fine. She is my skinny minnie.
Going with my theme of coordinating, but not matching tops for the girls I tried out the envelope tee from the book, growing up sew liberated. I bought the book hoping the pattern went up to Jack sizes. Sadly, it didn't. The tee only goes up to... 24 months, I think. has a tutorial to draft your own, but I am not that brave, yet. I first tried to make a raglan from a tutorial on but failed miserably- I was drafted my own and it looked nothing like it was supposed to. And I *gasp* used my beloved oliver + s knit. Luckily it was just a little.
So I made this in 6m, but lengthened the pattern to the 12 m size. My kids all have long torsos. It fit so nice, and I will definitely make more!

So, George will get the skinny tee and Iz will get the envelope tee... and then George will get the envelope tee once she grows a little, ha!

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