Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flashback skinny tees.

After the hopscotch tops I was pretty confident in my knit sewing so I decided to purchase the flashback skinny tee pattern. I thought it would be a good staple for Jack as he is starting to grow out of his shirts. So I used some kiddie print from my stash and made him pj's.

Can you tell he loved them?? Luckily this was a quick sew, because he sat next to me the entire time asking "now are you done... can I try them on yet... how about now?" Oh my sweet little boy, at least I knew he loved them. I was meaning to add red to the sleeves, but he was so excited to wear them to bed, I couldn't deny him:)

Another flashback tee. I am not happy with where the applique ended up, so this will also be a pj shirt. He is already requesting more and telling me exactly which colors he wants. Both were made size 4t.

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