Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I found some fun places on line to buy knit fabric at great prices! I was thrilled. I loathe Joann's. Not so much their fabric, though I would much rather go to Hurst or Quilted Works, but I can deal with them. But their employees, ugh, I hate having to deal with them. Not very nice people (at least the ones that have helped me). So even though I would much rather spend my money in town, I haven't been as far as knits go. Plus, Joann's has a crappy knit section.

I let Jack pick one print he wanted, and he picked robots. He was so excited when the box came yesterday!

The light was kind of crummy by the time I finished, and he was covered in chalk, so I will have to get one with him in it later. As usual, this is the made-by-rae.com flashback skinny tee, size 4t with added length. The last one I made still shrunk even though I prewashed it. So I prewashed twice plus made it a bit longer, so take that fabric! I will thwart your evil plan of shrinking too much. I really do have other tee patterns, but I just love this one so much! It is so easy and looks great every time.

I am so excited! Not that I don't have a huge list that NEEDS to get done, (Easter outfits for the four kiddos, yes, I am attempting to make all their outfits this year! And three skirts for Alli's wedding- once I get the measurements) but I will probably get distracted by these... Top row are all jersey knits from girlcharlee.com and the bottom two are swimsuit lycras also from girlcharlee.

These are from printknitstudio.com. The one on the left was picked by Abby:) The one on the right is how I came across the website, I saw it on flickr and the lady was nice enough to post the link, so I snapped it up as quick as possible! It is so hard to find good boy prints. He wasn't as excited as I had hoped, but that's okay.


  1. I love Pink Chalk fabrics - they are one of my go to online stores.
    I have started to prewash knits twice - learnt that lesson the hard way!

  2. Ah! I put up the wrong link, sorry, I fixed it now. Though I will definitely check them out, I have heard great things about them!! It was your comment on flickr that made me wash twice, so thanks! ;)

  3. The robot shirt looks great! And I love all the fabulous knits you've purchased.:)

  4. Cute robots! I have to get that.