Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pattern stash busting.

I have been wanting to make a pair of Oliver and S picnic shorts for a long time, and finally got around to it! I got frustrated with the shirt pattern because I am pretty sure I traced of the wrong sleeve size and ruined a yard of fabric. (It was something I bought on clearance so I couldn't just run out and get some more to correct my mistake) Gr.  So I set the pattern aside and promised to get back to it eventually. 

The Joann's in town is moving locations and having a super liquidation sale on fabrics, I mean GIANT.  I purchased a ton of Lisette fabric that is usually marked $12.99-14.99 for just over $3 a yard.  My fabric stash probably tripled from all the lisette and knit I bought!  And  I saved a TON, so I was very happy:)

Those two points lead to my next!  I pulled out some of the Lisette twill and my picnic shorts pattern and got to work.  One nap time later and Abby had some fun new shorts!

I put the pattern pieces where I thought the rows would line up, but no, they don't. Sigh.  Oh well, she loves them anyway.

I just love the retro look!  Next she needs a shirt to go with them:)

The older two kids are going out of town this weekend with Grandpa & Grandma & cousins to the balloon festival.  It is so cool, a few hours north of here there is a really small town that every year holds a hot air balloon festival.  They float them bright and early every morning and one night (can't remember if it is Friday or Saturday) they shut down main street and line them all up while people walk around, then at dusk they light them all up.  Such a cool sight!  We went two years ago, but last year the twins were only a few days old so we missed it.  This year we Ben and I are staying home with the twins, too hard to get two naptimes in while you are camping with a rowdy bunch. Anyway, Jack typically sleeps in his underwear or occasionally with a shirt, so he needed some pj's.  I recently got the Oliver and S bedtime story pajamas from ebay (but it is now available as a pdf) so I made him a pair of the pants and a flashback skinny tee.   I like to race myself and see how fast I can make those shirts.  20 minutes from cutting to the last stitch. Not too bad!

Ben has a very similar pair, Jack thought that was pretty cool.

This sweet little face just makes me smile. It will be nice to have a quiet-ish weekend. He and Abby fight All.The.Time. ... When is school going back?? ;)


  1. Ooh, I love the shorts! They look great! And the PJs are classic and adorable. 20 minutes? Wow, I need to step up my game!!

  2. The shorts are adorable!! The balloon festival sounds like a lot of fun...I hope Jack and Abby enjoy it!