Thursday, June 14, 2012

For Stockton.

**if your name is Nicole and I am attending your baby shower this weekend, stop reading unless you don't want a surprise;) ... but I don't think you do (read this blog), so there!**

Ben's best friend from elementary school on is having his first child soon, and the baby shower is this weekend, so I thought I would whip up some fun, personalized shirts.  Funny story, they have been best friends for ages, and a couple years back Ben's uncle married Mark's mom, so now they are cousins too!

I went with the Figgy's "tee for two" again because it just seemed so boy.  I made two 12m size shirts, partly because that is the lowest the pattern goes and partly because everyone loves to give tiny clothes, so hopefully these will be needed. 

The dad is a huge Weezer fan, so much that he has flown to another city just to see them perform.  So naturally, the baby needed a Weezer shirt.  I followed the pattern and did it with the raw edges, more "rocker boy" right?


With this one I went with the raw edges on the inside for a slightly different look.   So, the baby is being named Stockton after John Stockton, very famous former Utah Jazz player, Ben suggested I make him a shirt with Stockton's number on it in the Jazz colors.  Well, Joann's is moving locations and is now pretty much cleared out of everything (and hasn't been getting anything new for months), so I couldn't do it in those colors, so I went with what I liked.  Ben's first and only comment?  It isn't the right green.  To which I replied, I didn't ask your opinion. So, Stockton may be getting another shirt in the "right green" after Joann re-opens. (buying online you don't always get the same color as you think you are buying, as in not quite the same tone/brightness, etc)  I put the number on the back to be more jersey like, and the kids both said "the number should have been bigger".  Pft. I can't win.  I used my twin needle for the sleeves and hem with a white and brown thread, I thought it would give a fun look. I think I have made this pattern quite enough for now... (6 times in 6 days!) It is time to make the girls their birthday outfits!!


  1. Love that you personalized the tees for the parents! Too Cool!

  2. Teeny tiny raglan tees! So cute! (And customized for THIS child! Even cuter!)