Friday, June 8, 2012

tees for two.

Last week I ordered "Sewing for Boys" , after making Abby's  Zephyr by Figgy's I just knew I would love their book.  I bought it sight unseen because the darn Barne's and Noble in our town has been out of stock on it for months.  But, that is probably a good thing because I would have bought it on the spot and spent a lot more there than I did on Amazon.  The only downside was having to wait for shipping, so when it arrived yesterday I flipped through it and started planning immediately.

Yesterday I made two  badmiton skorts for the twins, but big twin (aka thunder-thighs, aka Izzy) didn't fit in the shorts part of it.  They were meant to be part of their birthday outfits and I was bummed she wouldn't fit. Sigh.  So I needed an easy project, a no-brainer success project.  So I decided to make Jack the "Raw-edged Raglan" from the book. (that I haven't shot a picture of yet) Success. Love, love love! As does he, he was wanting to wear it before I was finished- luckily it only took about 40 minutes from drafting pattern to finished product.

The book says smaller sizes are included, but they aren't.  Just 2/3-6/7.  Then I was looking for inspiration on line and it dawned on me that it was the "tee for two" pattern!  And I remembered Justine "saying" (writing;) that the smaller size range (12m-6/7) was available as a pdf now. Score!! So I downloaded it and printed it off immediately.  So, the twins now also have tees for two!

Georgie in her tee. Though, it turned out looking a lot more boy than I expected.  (the "A" is really a dark purple, not blue like it looks in the picture) She will just have to wear a big bow.  Jack gets so angry when people say they are boy and girl twin, though I think usually people assume Izzy is the boy.  George's eyes look awesome with blue shirts, that is why I chose this, plus sewing during naptime = I use whatever isn't in their room/ my fabric cave. 

Izzy's tee.  So, a little background on the applique.  When you have twins inside you the ultrasound tech/ doctor tend to like to make sure they are keeping the babies seperate, ya know, make sure they aren't measuring the same baby twice.  So they refer to one as baby A and one as baby B.  So, that is why one shirt has the different fabric for A and the second has the B highlighted.  Though, my whole pregnancy the girls were switched, Izzy was A and George was B.  Delivery day came and during labor we literally watched George push her sister out of the way to get out first, so they switched! And the first hours of life in the NICU they were baby A and baby B, since I wasn't able to go down for about six hours they asked Ben which was which and so he got to choose (though I didn't care who got which name). P.S. He did tell me I could change them if I wanted.

So, I have to say, I seriously LOVE photoshop.  This^^ is most of what I captured.  But, one good picture of Elizabeth, and one good picture of Georgia later and I get this...

How did mom's of multiple kids get good pictures pre-digital camera??

So anyway, back to the pattern.  I highly recommed it!! (and the book)  I love the casual, raw edge look.  Plus, bonus, no hemming!! Jack's is a two-toned blue so it is more obvious it is a raglan, but I like theirs too.  The fit is spot on, directions are great and such a quick sew- I made three in one and a half nap-times!


  1. Adorable! I don't know how anyone took pictures of multiple kids pre-digital. I suppose they took a lot of photos and wasted a lot of film to get that one good shot.;)

  2. So glad I was able to enable you!
    The tees look cute
    As for good pics - I can't even manage with digital!

  3. Gorgeous!
    And how I Iove my digital
    x N