Sunday, June 10, 2012

Raw-edged raglan.

I am pretty sure I will be getting my money's worth and then some from my new purchase, the   Sewing for Boys  book.  I have made the pattern four times in two days (of course, I did have to buy the pdf of the tee for two for the twins size) and I have plans to make one for a baby shower I am attending at the end of the week.  I was going to make it today, but I decided to take a nap instead- ha!  But, I have finally regained my nights, so who knows, maybe I will make it later tonight!  The twins had been going to sleep between 11 and 1. Yeah, MISERABLE.  But a few weeks ago we finally had enough and forced them into a definite sleep schedule.  Before I wouldn't let them cry it out to go to bed and naps because I was worried about them feeding off each other and staying up even longer, but I finally had enough and am happy to report they will cry for about 5 minutes and then are down.  Hallelujah.  So now, they go down at eight thirty and if I have enough energy and planned ahead (as far as getting my supplies out of their room before they go down) then I am able to sew a bit at night!

So first I made this little blue number for Jack.  His favorite color has been blue for a looong time now, so he was super excited.  The shirt seriously only took about 40 minutes from tracing the pattern to sewing the last stitch.  I made the size 4/5 and it fits him great.  I made him try it on before I sewed on the neckband and he was so upset to have to take it off.  He put it on immediately and wore it all day (which is saying something for him... he spends 75% of his time in his underwear, 20% of his time in a shirt and underwear and 5% fully clothed.  No joke).

Ah, these are the kinds of faces I am getting from him lately.

I am loving the look of the raw edges, plus it is always a bonus when I don't have to hem anything!

Daddy is a huge gun fan.  About a year ago he was working on a guy's house who is an area rep for Glock.  Let's just say, that would be his dream job.  So he got to talk guns and the man was nice enough to send him home with some patches and stickers.  I asked him what I should applique Jack's next shirt with and he said the Glock logo.   I looked it up on the internet and got ready to try and draw it when he said why not just use this patch.  Sure, why not?  So I hoped Jack would like it (I made this one last night after he went to sleep)  He loved it.

This is him saying "Okay Mom, now I am done taking pictures, thanks". Such a polite child.

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  1. The t-shirts look great! The Glock patch is cracking me up. A bold choice for a little boy, but sure to please! Hee hee.