Monday, November 11, 2013

Better late than never.

So, I did make a little bit of Abby's Halloween costume.  Then I got a whole bunch of photo sessions (newborn in the hospital, class Halloween party, 2 weddings and newborn at home)and the pictures were lost somewhere in a folder on my computer and I made myself edit like crazy before I did a blog post (because paid work comes first, sorry ;) )

On  to the costume!  Abby has been reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies (1+ 2 so far) so she had Hermoine Granger on the brain.  

I found a legit Gryffindor cape and Hermoine wand on ebay, purchased white shirt from Kohl's, Dad's tie I bought for him on year for family pictures he refused to ever wear because it looked too "Christmasy" and some Gryffindor socks Abby found on a trip to the Halloween store with Grandma.  What does that leave besides the shoes?  Her skirt of course!

I used the Oliver + S 2 + 2 pleated skirt in a suiting from Jo-Ann's.  I made a size 7 as she measured in to a 6, but alas, it didn't fit.  You are supposed to add snaps to the placket of the skirt, but she couldn't snap them closed and I put the button as far to the edge as I could.  It worked, she wore it 5 times for various parties and the actual trick-or-treating, she just wore some white undershorts (that she always wears under skirts anyways for modesty on the playground). 

I so want to make another one of these skirts though!  I thought looking at the pattern it would take foooorever, but it really was a pretty quick sew!  Wouldn't the twins look adorable in a little pleated skirt??

Here are all the kids together, a moody Hermoine ( Iz stole her wand) Mickey and Minnie and a classic ghost.  Love these kiddos!


  1. Awww, poor big sisters have to put up with a lot!
    xx N

  2. Yeah, being the oldest is such a drag!
    Her costume looks fab though - love the skirt

  3. You do have a fab bunch of kids!
    They all look so great (PS. I also love the 2+2 skirt - such an easy sew and looks so classy)

  4. She looks SO ANNOYED in that last photo, it just cracks me up! (Is that bad? Sorry.) Great costume, she makes a fantastic Hermione! That skirt is such a nice basic piece. I have that pattern, but haven't sewn it up yet.

  5. That last picture makes me laugh! True life.:) The kids look great dressed up for Halloween.

  6. She looks so cute! I love the whole look. The rest of the kids look adorable. Jack is truly terrifying. You can tell him I said so. ;)