Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas skirts.

My friend who commissions me from time to time reached out to me again this time requesting Christmas skirts.  She saw this one that she really liked on Pinterest, and of course it was from long enough ago that those fabrics were no longer available.  I did find some similar, though, and she liked them when I showed her what I had found locally, so I went ahead and made them.


So here is my take on that skirt.  I like it because it is similar but not exact.  One is approximately a 12 month and the other is 5t.  I say approximately because I am not positive on their current RTW sizes, I just worked with their waist and length measurements.

Here is a closer, more detailed shot, and it looks like that ribbon in the middle could use a good ironing.

There are six ribbon casings with two ribbons each.  Basically a 2" rectangle, serged on the two long sides and folded under on the hem line (the skirt was hemmed pre-casing), the top of the casing is flush with the top of the skirt so the raw edges were enclosed with the waistband. 

Speaking of the waistband, it is a flat front skirt with an elastic back.  I love the look of flat front bottoms. 

So there are lots of layers here (the waistband was a nightmare, so bulky! )  The white word layer, a lime green with the red ribbon, black tulle (it doesn't translate well in pictures, much easier to see IRL) and then the final lime green layer- don't want that itchy tulle touching kids skin! 

I showed my friend and she said she loved them, so mission accomplished:)  Can't wait to see her cute kiddos in them!


  1. Well done, you are a marvel Britters!
    xx N

  2. Thanks Nicole and Cindy! I am glad to be done with them;)