Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For the boy.

I haven't felt up to sewing lately, and it's killing me!  I wanted a quick project to get me back in to it, and that way if I still wasn't feeling it I wasn't halfway through a project that would become a UFO. 


I recently made a purchase from girlcharlee and threw this moustache print in crossing my fingers Jack would like it too.  I showed him a few months back and he said "no way!" but he tends to like things after they are made, so I took a chance.  Speaking of, remember these red After-School pants?  Yeah, how he REFUSED to wear them ever.  Guess what have become his most worn pants in his closet? HAHAHA!

So, the pattern! It is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan, size 5, which turns out is too big for him, hence the weirdness at his shoulders.  I really should have made a 4 with length but I was being lazy, also they were made while he was at kindy so I didn't have his current measurements handy.  And it looks like I could have lengthened his sleeves, oops.

I love this boy.

I ask him for a nice smile and this is what I get! 

Also a permanent silly face when the adorable little photobomber showed up.  She still refused to look at the camera even though she demanded to be in the picture. 

A little ribbon tag, so Peta :)  He said it was his favorite part, ha!

This one is also a size 5 and both knits are from girlcharlee.  For our annual group family photo (Ben's side) the colors this year are red, black, white, gray and blue jeans.  I am thinking I may be a rebel though and have Jack wear these pants.  The twins will be wearing dresses with leggings, so they will be "cheating" too, hm...

Being I haven't been sewing and it got cold here suddenly I had to go out and buy all the kids some long sleeve shirts.  When sweet little Jack came home from kindy and saw his two new shirts he told me "I love the clothes you make me most of all, Mom!  Store boughts are okay, buuuut I like yours best!" Awww, he is my favorite son;)


  1. Super snappy little man.
    Feel better soon Sweetheart!
    xx N

  2. Sometimes, momma knows best!;) The shirts look great. I love how them paired with the red pants!

  3. Oh my gosh, he is cute! And so sweet! He loves his mama-mades! Yes! Very cute shirts. I made one of these for Joe recently but haven't blogged it yet. Although he can be touch and go as far as mama-mades, when he saw it, he said "Oh, I like that shirt, mama." :-)

  4. I'm loving the mustache shirt. WAY cute!