Friday, August 23, 2013


After the comments on my post about his green pair saying, just make the red ones anyways, well, I did. HA! Maybe I should try another pattern soon though, just sayin'.  I cut these out yesterday too, along with a little itty bitty pair for a baby shower this weekend. 
It was red day at kindy today, so that was when he finally gave me "permission", though I had them cut before we found out he was to wear red.  Guess what though, he really ended up liking them, ha!  He is such a little stinker, and ends up liking things he tells me he will never wear most the time.  In fact, there isn't one thing I have made he refuses to wear (after a while).

So, same as the gray pair, I added 3 inches of length to the size four After School Pants.  I used a really soft bottom weight material.  Not sure exactly what it was (twill perhaps?)  but it has good structure while still being moveable and not a pain to sew at all.  Probably should have kept track of what it was exactly so I could buy some in other colors, ha!

He also chose to wear his Angry Bird Field Trip Raglan since it had red too, though I think he just wanted to wear it because it was the birds. 

He wasn't as excited about this material in the pockets, in the store he threw a fit when I bought it (the one and only time I took him with me, for good reason.  Who says the terrible two's? He throws more fits at five than he ever has!)  I made an identical pair for his soon-to-be cousin (baby shower comment from above) so he thinks that is pretty neat, though they wont fit Jack by the time baby C grows enough to wear them. 

And the tag on the back pocket.  He wasn't thrilled about the tag on the gray pants being on the hem, in fact asked me to cut it off (no thank you). 

He has enough pairs of pants for now, since it is still warm enough for shorts, and I am crossing my fingers for a new Oliver + S boy pattern so I will wait to see what is unveiled. ;) ;)


  1. Love them in red! They are super cool. Glad he's wearing them :) -Rachel

  2. They look fabulous in red! And perfectly paired with the Angry Birds shirt.:)

  3. I just discovered your blog and I'm just starting to sew for my 2 yo boy... your site is really inspiring me to do more and to do better! Thanks for sharing!