Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three new tees.

So, not a whole lot has been accomplished over here.  I think everything has stacked up against me and is just laughing in my face at this point.  Oh well.  While I would have liked to participate a little more this week (I like the feeling of 'community'), let's be honest, I sew all the time for my kids so their wardrobes will get done eventually. 
I have a rather large pile of UFOs, I haven't ever had a pile before!  I can't find the right project lately to keep my attention if I don't finish it the day I start it.  (Naughty, naughty).   So I found a pile of shirt fronts for Jack from a month or two ago and made a deal with him, you do x chore and I will finish your Angry Bird shirt.  (The kid is obsessed).  So that was one of the three I finished up this morning.  

I used the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan, size 4 with extra length for all three, and also T-shirt transfer paper to print off my own graphics to add to the shirt (like the Star Wars one I did here and his Weezer one here ).

He HATES this one.  Don't know why, but he does.  I told him it could be a camping shirt then, ha!  I have a feeling it will grow on him- or at least I hope it will!  Maybe one day it will just accidentally be his only clean shirt... :)


He likes this one though.  Yay.  He and Abby have been way in to paper airplanes lately.  At first I thought I wanted to use embroidery thread to make a trail coming from the end of the planes, but then I was worried about rough boy play and it ripping out. 

Then the shirt he worked so hard for... kind of, the chore didn't actually get all the way done... He talks to EVERYONE about Angry Birds, I am afraid he might get a little on the annoying side with it, but he is so cute and animated the way he talks about the game. You might not be able to tell, but his hat is "Space Angry Birds" and he wears it pretty much everyday. 

Me: "Jack, can you smile with your teeth? Please?"
Jack: "Um, no, I don't think so."
Me: "Can you at least look at the camera when I take your picture?"
Jack: "No, I don't want to do that either."

HAHAHA! I love this kid.

I have been a little annoyed at how my t-shirt neckbands don't look great coming out of the wash- that is the benifit of knit, right?  Not having to iron??  So I tried something a little different this time, I used my twin needle to hold the seam allowances down, hopefully that solves my problem. 

So, not nearly the hour a day I set out to do this week to participate in Kids Clothes Week, but I have one super happy 4 year old, which makes the week that much better.


  1. I love all of these, Brittney - think I'm the opposite of Jack though - the sunglass pairis my fav :-)

  2. Ha, ha...I pulled that trick before!;) The shirts are all great. You have a knack for making interesting boy shirts!