Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Star Wars shirt...

... that I still don't understand... Remember when I made the Yoda shirt last spring and confessed I hadn't seen the movies?  Yeah, still haven't.  And while he hated it at first, it has since become one of his favorite shirts. 
So anyway, I was asking Ben a few nights ago what kind of symbol or logo I should put on a shirt for Jack.   He suggested the Empire symbol or The Flash, something not everyone would know right off.  I like those kind of shirts, kind of like an inside joke:)  So I google searched for an logo image and ran across a shirt that Ben really liked and said that was the one.  A while back he was so thoughtful and brought me home some transfer paper.... and I was a little scared to use it.  Just worried that I would mess it up somehow.  Then I found a Star Wars font online and guess what? It just happened to have the symbol! So I made this in photoshop and printed it on the paper and ironed on.  Easy peasy! What was I worried about?

Alderaan shot first

So Star Wars geeks, is this funny?  Supposedly yes... ;)  The shirt and shorts are both from the Oliver and S Field Trip pattern, both size 4.  For the shorts I just left of the front and back bottom pieces, and shortened the front knee piece, skipping the darts.  They came out the perfect length!  He has never seen the movie either, but is convinced it says something about Angy Birds... oh, and it is blue so that doesn't hurt either.

I don't usually sew while the twins are awake, but they were just so happy with their Sesame Street, marshmallows, glasses and juice I was able to finish up before nap time yesterday.  (I just had to include this, aren't they adorable?!)

He loved the "secret pockets" and waistband last time, I just "had" to do it again.  Still loves it. 

And he was bummed on the last pair I didn't add the truck ribbon, so I made sure to add it this time.  Funny being he was so mad when I put it on the first time.

I have another idea I want to try with these, but wanted to test the length of the shortened pattern before I go on altering things:)

So since it was my first time trying the transfer, I didn't realize I should have trimmed really close, and even cut the logo and words seperate.  Next time!  It isn't too noticeable when he is wearing it luckily.

He was bummed  I told him I had to wash this before he wore it for the day (per factory instructions) or it might come off.

So he said "I'll make sure it doesn't come off!" and stared at it until I took the shirt off him.  Silly kid!


  1. Great outfit. I LOVE how the Field Trip pants look as shorts! We really must remedy this not having seen any of the Star Wars movies...;)

  2. Super cute! I love the Field Trip pants as shorts! And it is totally hilarious to me that you made a funny Star Wars shirt not even knowing the joke. THAT is funny. :-p

  3. I love the shirt and the shorts - and yes, we really must get you watching Star Wars!

  4. No idea what the joke it but he looks great and the twins are fab!
    xx N