Monday, February 4, 2013

It had to be done.

I knew as soon as I finished his blue twill pair Jack needed a pair in denim.  Again, size 4 field trip cargo pants,  but this time with no added length. 


I used the special jeans topstitching thread and really like the look of it.

I added a faux button to the faux fly.  He loves the detail and is now convinced I have made the rest of his denim pants in his drawer since they all have the same kind of button.  The only trouble I had with the pants this go round was that darn faux fly.  I think I unpicked it four times before I got it passable.  *Note to self, next time use the same thread in the bobbin while making a button hole. 

I nearly left off the cargo pockets, but as Ben pointed out, you can never have too many pockets.  I used a contrast fabric for the lining of the flap and the waistband.  I left the truck ribbon off this time since he complained about it last time and guess what?!  He asked when I was going to put the trucks on his pants...  Silly boy.


He was excited to have his picture taken, but was upset I rolled his sleeves up.  He instructed me I was not to use a grumpy photo, I had to use a happy one.  This is kind of an inbetween.

I have a modification I want to try, but since it is starting to warm up I am not sure I will be making another pair of pants this year.  Next up, a geranium tunic for the twins, and if I am feeling confident I am thinking of sizing it up for Abs.  We'll see...


  1. !!!! I can't even begin to think of the proper words to describe how fabulous these pants are. Excellent job, Brittney!

  2. Great pants!!! I need these for my son for the coming winter - I must buy the pattern. I love the geranium dress. I have made 3 so far.

  3. Lurve these trousers!
    Really want to make a velvet pair for the Twins.
    He is so cute!

  4. These are incredible! The details! Wow. Okay, dangit, I need this pattern!

  5. I love these! So excited to find your blog!