Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 I pulled three colors of twill from my closet, olive green, gray and blue.  Big suprise as to which one the boy picked.  Jack LOVES blue.  I mean, pretty much only wants to wear blue always.  Too bad for him not everything in his closet is blue. Mean mom or something.  I have seen the Field trip cargo pants made as shorts and really want to try that for summer, but like always I wanted to try the pattern as written first.  Seriously I can't say enough good about these pants- they are perfect as all O+S patterns go, the details are just amazing. 

Don't let his face fool you, he LOVES his new outfit.  They weren't a quick sew by any means.  Look at all that topstitching!! I was brave and really wanted them to stand out, luckily for me I only had to unpick one line of top stitching.  I went soooo slow and so that helped a ton.  Also I made him the field trip shirt with shortened sleeves.  Yes, uneven, I asked him to try it on so I could see where I wanted to hem them and he begged to "wear it for the rest of today!!" So I gave in.  He's pretty cute.

The cargo pockets gave me fits, I must have sewn and unpicked 5 or 6 times and nearly gave up.  I tried the other side thinking maybe I had messed something up while sewing that side together (even though it looked exactly the same, ha!)  Turns out I had re-folded after topstitching the pocket at only 1/2" instead of 3/4".  YES, that explained everything.  So the one side still ended up a little wonky, but I was nervous to unpick again as the spot where the corners were placed was beginning to wear thin from all the stress on the fabric.

I lifted this idea from a friend and he HATES it.  He keeps asking when I am going to take the ribbon off, and doesn't like the answer "never". I think my ribbon is a little too long though (and too wide), it sticks out a bit too much when he is standing still without hands in his pockets.  So many fun details in these pants, darts in the knees for better movement, six pockets, belt loops and lots of topstitching go in to making a great pair of pants!  He has already requested another pair...


  1. Fab outfit Brittney! Love the topstiching

  2. So inspiring, Brittney!
    I might be sewing mt first pair this weekend - quite a lot of pieces but the end result really makes off for the extra (cutting) effort.
    Yours look really cool on him!!

  3. It's a great outfit! I love all that topstitching...it really pops against the blue.

  4. Oh my gosh, I've been holding out on this one, but after this post, I must. have. this. pattern. Those pants look incredible!