Thursday, January 17, 2013

A little show.

I started this puppet show a month or so back, before my serger left for the doctor.  I put off finishing it until my baby returned since I had only put one sleeve in and I wanted a consistent look... even on the inside:)
I had a little trouble with this one, but a coke and a step away helped clear my head enough to figure it out.  Being I had put it off for so long I apparently forgot to add interfacing to the back placket.  Oops. I ended up ripping through two of the holes and they were pretty unfixable.  So one I just sewed together since it was the second to last and wont affect dressing, the other I put some fray check and hoping it wont fray too much. 

This is size 18m, and is quite roomy on Izzy even though she measured in to that size.  But so long as the button holes hold up that just means it will get lots of wear, right?


I am undecided on the color of button I used for the sleeves but I remembered seeing this pin (which I apparently didn't repin...) and thought it was in interesting way to sew on the buttons, so why not try it out now?

And white down the back, because I didn't have enough of the pink.

Pretty cute, no?

Does anyone else have problems with the collar popping up?  Every time she moved her shoulders it would pop back up... I used lightweight interfacing and Kona, didn't think it was too heavy.
Yesterday when I took the girl's legging pictures they sat next to each other so nice.  I put Iz up on the toy box and she kept patting the lid next to her, so I put George up there too and attempted to get a good shot of the two of them... Here is part of the fun that followed:
There was a lot of goofing off. 

She wouldn't keep her fingers out of her mouth, which interested Georgia...

Who just had to try it out herself,

So I told them "no no, hands down".

Elizabeth listened, folding her arms, while Georgia gave me what we lovingly refer to as "mad face",

But she soon turned that frown upside down.

In the end I just had to use the magic of photoshop and swap one of their heads, because let's face it, anyone with twins would know this would never actually happen without a little magic...


  1. Brittney - this is one of the prettiest Puppet Shows I've seen! Love it
    As for the girlies - :-)!

  2. I agree with Justine. Your babies are so cute,cluck cluck CLUCK!
    xx N
    PS If you under stitch the collar it may sit down more for you,I think it is cute framing her perfect face.

    1. Thanks! I may just try it on the next one:)

  3. Love the outtakes of the photo shoot. SO cute!

  4. LOL..thank goodness for photoshop! The dress is beautiful. I love the crisp white against the light blue polka dots.:)

    1. I know, right?! I couldn't live without it:) I really love white collars and plackets... just in case it wasn't obvious:)

  5. This dress is so pretty :) and so are your twins..I always wanted I'm hoping for twin grandbabies in the future:)

    1. Thanks! Ha! As long as you are there to help take care of them:) Twins can be hard work!

  6. Love the buttons and LOVE the mad face!

  7. Oh my goodness. Cutest photo shoot ever! (And it's not just twins. Photographing more than one child is like herding cats.) Have I mentioned that I love dresses with white collars? Well, I do.