Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Loads of leggings.

The twins have been needing some leggings to go under dresses and such, so I pulled out my two most recent Ottobres as they both had a legging pattern and got to work.  Well, the first one I totally screwed up.  My sweet friend Millie helped me figure out that I had traced of the completely wrong piece! I ruined a bit of the black and white stripe I had been saving for just the right thing.  Shoot.  So I worked out the right piece and it was such a quick, simple sew.  Gotta love those.  Then, I messed up again when I didn't realize I was to cut the second pattern's front piece on the fold.  Apparently I need Ottobre lessons... But I just constructed them differently than the instructions (obviously) and they went together just fine. 

The three on the left are 6/2012 #8 Ruusunpuna leggings and the two on the right are 4/2012 #2 Rainy sky.  Remember I made the Rainy sky once before?  These are all 80cm- for my notes:)
Doesn't big twin have the most kissable toes?  Her chubby feet are just too cute, imo.  These were made a few days ago, the rest were last night and this morning.  My twin needle bent! What?! Only one of the needles, it was weird.  But my awesome husband came to the rescue and stopped on his way home from work and picked up a few more.  He told me I was silly for only buying one at a time:) 

For George I have only tried on the Rainy sky and they are pretty roomy on her, but I kind of expected that being she fit in the 68cm last September.  Just means longer wear for her!  They have cute gathered knees and hand sewn bows at the hem.

I got my camera out and of course Elizabeth looks away, but Georgia was repeating "chis, chis" so I told her to go sit by her sister... and she did! If only they both didn't have snotty noses and bed hair I could have snapped my nice pic of them together in months! Oh well...


  1. The leggings are cute - but oh, those feet and toes are the cutest!

  2. We all have cutting out nightmares - you are not alone! I just love those spotty ones. Adorable!

  3. Cute legging and love the little bows .... and toes!