Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jumping rope.

I purchased the digital jump rope dress pattern nearly a year ago... and did nothing with it... I tracked down a paper pattern a few weeks ago and traced it off immediately.  Oh how I love and prefer paper patterns.  Anywho, I set it aside for a bit after looking in to it a little, seeing a tutorial for the placket scared me more than helping me want to make it.  Well, I finally sat down a few days ago and started on it.  It only took 4 days to finish, ha!  Tiny twin decided she didn't need naps for a few days, so I only managed 15-20 minutes of sewing per day for those days. 
I decided to make a straight 12m View B for tiny twin.  When they were younger they both fit in the same clothes, always.  Now big twin is quite a bit bigger and requires a bigger size so Georgia has been wearing things that are too big and eventually growing in to them. Not that it is a big deal to wear hand downs of course, but sometimes it is nice to have something special and all your own. 

I am pretty pleased with my first attempt!  I've never made a placket before, and since my serger is being serviced I decided to try french seams- and it worked great!  It was impossible to fussy cut the pockets to match, so I just cut from the same general area in the pattern so the colors were at least the same.

Not too bad, eh?  Buttons sewn with pink thread to match the pink in the dress.   It is a little tight to get on, but super adorable once it is!  I think next time I will make the sleeves a bit wider as that is the area that is tough to get on.

Now that I am living right around the corner from my MIL I decided to take George out for a quick shoot, I have missed taking proper photos outside of their clothing.  I quickly found out she isn't as cooperative as she once was. 

We started out near the tree... that has the swing... and she thought she needed to be in it.  But it shows off the back of the dress nicely;)

So I put her in the middle of the grass, just far enough from the tree swing, and ran back to the bigger swing set knowing she would head that way next, and snapped quickly while she came running.  We tried that a few times, and got silly results like this one where she is sticking out her tongue.

And refusing to turn towards the camera.

One decent one.

So then I thought to trap her on the chair.

That didn't really work either.  So I put her on again.

A forced cheese face.

Then she pointed at the camera and signed "all done".  Got it. 


  1. Love it!
    I have no idea how many pics I take in a photo shoot? 100 or more?
    Your fabric choice is perfect for her colouring.
    xx N

    1. At least, ha! Thanks, I thought it would go well with her coloring for her special dress.

  2. Love your fabric choice:) looks adorable on your little one:)

  3. The dress is gorgeous! I love it with tights and boots.:)

    1. Thanks! I love tights + boots on babes... well everyone really;)

  4. We 'nominated' you for the Liebster Blog Award ( ....from what we could gather, it is more of a 'get to know you' sort of post rather than an actual award {although you are very deserving of an award}!

    We hope you take the time to create your own post, and share a bit more about yourself to the blogging world!
    Ashley {Frances} and Emily {Suzanne}