Friday, January 25, 2013

Another repeat.

Though this time it is for a friend.  I posted a picture of George in her new jump rope dress and a friend  saw it and asked if I would make the exact same dress for her girls for family pictures.  Her youngest is only in 0-3m clothing, so I wasn't able to make one for her, but I did make a little skirt to match sissy's dress. 

The dress is 3t chest, with 4t length in the sleeves and length.  She actually measured in to the 2t for chest, but since it is more of a slim fitting dress I chose 3t for a little wiggle room and longer wear. 

I sized down the smallest jump rope pockets becasue even the small ones looked like they would be too big for the skirt.  No, she didn't need pockets... but I thought it would be fun to tie the two items together a little more.  Seriously, how cute is this little skirt??  Teeny tiny clothes just make me smile.


  1. That skirt is just adorable. It'll be the perfect complement to big sis's dress!

  2. Love the fabric! Jump Rope dress always turns out so nice. Little skirt is too cute.