Friday, January 11, 2013

Teal and red.

Last week I put out a call for inspiration on flickr.   I just LOVE the support and inspiration in the Oliver + S community there.  I had been on flickr for a long time and nearly thought about just giving up as there didn't seem like a reason to be there when I found O+S patterns and a bit later their flickr group.  I was overwhelmed by the response and support I found there, I don't have any "real life" sewing friends but I have made so many great friends in the last year I have been participating in the group.  *e-hugs to you all!*
Anyway, back to the dress.  So I bought MM dots thinking I wanted to make Jump rope View A, but then something came over me and  I thought perhaps the Apple picking? Luckily flickr to the rescue and I got a resounding "View A + red buttons", and the lovely Nicole chimed in with a very detailed description... and I followed it exactly.  I love it.

This is size 18m for a longer fit, unlike tiny twin's (which big twin wore to church on Sunday... and let's just say, it wont happen again).  I seriously never would have picked red and turquoise together, only because I wouldn't have thought of it! So, I liked it on the hanger...

but absolutely LOVED it once it was put on her.  Miss serious.  Gingham self covered buttons, btw.  I have never used self cover buttons so I probably sewed them on wrong, ha!  Now I am wondering why I haven't tried them yet!  And I nearly made a gingham bow for her hair, but thought it might be OTT,  I like the solid red with it a lot.

Okay, so for some reason this screams 50's housewife to me... As with all Oliver + S patterns, I am so in love with all the details that just take it to the next level.  The placket (which isn't quite as "perfect" as the last time), cuff sleves with the cute tabs that make the perfect spot for more buttons, the belt, functioning pockets (also with extra buttons) and a perfectly full skirt.  Not to mention the length of the skirt! I typically lengthen all patterns but made this as is.  I just love everything about this pattern. 

She was attempting to run away from the camera again, which is why she is cornered in her closet. The only reason I got a face shot (above) was because I trapped her in her crib.  Love this girl.  If only her feet weren't so hard to find shoes that fit the outfit would have been complete with tights and mary janes.  Ooo! Would it be too much if they were red?  I just may have to take her shoe shopping this week...


  1. Hi Brittney,
    Love the dress (and yesm red shoes would look amazing - and too cute on her).

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can see the post here:

    Have a lovely day, Ana Sofia

  2. I love this dress!! The colors and the styling are perfect!

  3. This dress turned out perfect and looks adorable on your little one:)

  4. It is beautiful and I was thinking 50's housewife. In my head I keep replacing tha tcute little headband with a headscarf. Your daughter is beautiful too, and the teal and red combination really work for her.

  5. Awww,you make me blush!
    Love your sewing and your beautiful babes!

  6. I love this so much! So much! It's so freaking perfect! Love the colors, love the details (I love white collars, I really do), love the buttons ... your Flickr friends advise you well!!