Saturday, January 26, 2013


My name is Brittney, and I have a problem.  I am obsessed with the jump rope pattern.  Like crazy obsessed.  This is my third view b in a month, and also made up one view a in that time also... It may be time to make something else, though I have one more idea I want to try with the pattern. 

This is a medium weight ... can't think of what it was called exactly, it is an apparel fabric with a nice texture.  It is a straight size 7, Abby measured in to the 6 but I knew it was a slim fit (at least in the small range)  so I figure she could get a little extra wear from a bigger size.

I tried to steer her towards gray buttons, but she chose pink, still cute.  I didn't even want to think of trying to match the plaid, so I chose a white placket (again), white pockets and cut the pocket binding on the bias for some interest.

I fussy cut enough to match the pink lines and white lines, some times I lucked out and it was the right pink.  I tried to match the pinks exactly, but it was a pain since the pattern is a-line.  I was pretty happy the sleeve cuff lined up too!

She seems to like it, which is a good thing since she has sworn off dresses!  I have picked up speed with each one, and am always so happy everytime my placket lines up just so.  I can't say enough good about Oliver + s patterns! In fact, I finally got the courage to try and talk my local shop to look in to carrying them... One can dream;) 

Next up, something for the boy! It's about his turn.


  1. Looks like it all lined up perfectly. I just love the fabric you chose.

  2. Its beautiful Brittany.
    My Twins have only just stopped wearing theirs.
    xx N

  3. Ooooh, this is an O+S pattern we haven't attempted yet!! It looks darling....we can see why you are obsessed :).

  4. I love this so much. It looks great in gingham! And I love white details - collars and pockets - as a rule. Such a fresh, simple look. Well done!

  5. Love the dress in a big check! I might have to "compliment"!