Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another tee or two.

 After Abby's dyed lace tee I just wanted to try it again! So I thought Cindy's hopscotch remix would be the perfect shirt to add a bit of lace... and dye!  I may or may not want to dye every thing in sight.

Oh how these two crack me up.  This time Elizabeth wanted to stand by George, complete opposite from last time.   Georgia kept trying to walk away, and Iz thought she was pretty funny.

Since I was drafting a new size I followed her tute unlike the last times when I used the flashback as a guide.  Still have a few bugs to work out, I need to raise the bodice neckline just a bit.  It isn't bad on Elizabeth, but it is way too wide on tiny Georgia... though if I had used ribbing instead of just turning under, it would have been higher.  For my notes, size 18 months in the chest and 3T length.  I made a few un-altered hopscotch tees straight 18 months a while back and they are all too short, but still very much fit around (heck, even the 12m dresses still fit! - more of a tunic now), so I figured if I add enough length we could get lots of wear from them.

Elizabeth's I dyed with equal parts purple and violet dye.

And George's I used fuschia and cherry red, mostly fuschia with a splash of cherry. 

I like the way they both turned out. Aaand didn't actually do pink and purple on purpose.  I looked up the formulation chart and picked a color, sewed and dyed, then did the next without thinking about the first.  Though I also really do like how the two look together, like they compliment each other as if I did it on purpose, ha!


  1. They look fabulous Brittney!
    I agree,I love playing around with dye.

  2. These are very cute!
    And I want to know how they both look so grown up so suddenly?

  3. Adorable!

    ok, I got questions...first off, is the stretch lace cotton/lycra or a synthetic? I've been searching online for some to buy and I'm a little confused. I guess my concern is about how well a synthetic will take the dye. And on that note, what's the process of using the dye? The only times I've used RIT it was to overdye faded black pants in the washing machine. Thanks in advance!


    1. You know what? I have no idea of the content, ha! There was NO information on the bolt other than the name of the company (though I can't remember that either). Synthetic will take dye differently, polyester not at all- at least it wouldn't dye my guuterman thread. So far all of the laces have dyed a little darker than the 100% cotton fabric. I'll do a tute for ya;)

  4. I am just so distracted by their sweetness. :-)