Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A bolero.

Or a really small vest, as Ben called it.  I have made the Heidi&Finn ruffle bolero once before, and since I am not smart enough to get it on the blog from flickr, you will just have to go here if you want to see it. 
I really wish every pattern maker would put out a size chart with each pattern, I could even just settle for the finished measurements of the garment.  I had NO idea which size to pick.  The pattern goes from 12m to 2T, skips 18m all together (also 4T and 5T are combined).  So I went with the 2T though turns out I should have made 3T for Izzy.  Crazy, right? She is just barely in the 18m range for O+S and in 18m RTW, so 3T sounds absolutely insane. 


I really like the way it turned out (even if it is a little tight on big twin), I also have a geranium cut out using this print for the skirt. 

I left off the elastic and button to make it reversible.

Though I don't know if I will turn it to the white side because turns out you can see some of the print through the white.  Oh well, always an option for when they get dirty....

...Like they always do.  This is real life y'all.  Dirty face, dirty shirt and messy hair.  If I pinch it together in the middle (where the button would be) it is quite tight on her and would restrict movement... so I guess  if I make it again it will have to be a 3T.

I love the ruffle all the way around, how it just frames her sweet chubby cheeks.  (also wearing her chevron skirt from last spring's KCWC, a little short but still works). 

And George in the geranium dress that she is almost growing in to, with a headband that she found an put on herself.  Can't decide who I like it better on, luckily they both fit it (the dress) so I can change my mind!

When Iz saw Georgie had a hair pretty she insited on one too, not with words of course, but grunting, screaming and wrestling with her sister until I went and found her one too.  Then she patted her head and said cheese.  How could I resist?


  1. I want Twins again.
    Lovely sewing.
    xx N

  2. Really cute. Isn't it wild how things size! I just made a 5T pattern for my 3T toddler and it's a little small...frustrating!