Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple skirts.

I have been lacking inspiration lately *sigh*.   Usually I have a project going, my next one fully planned and the next in the brainstorming stage.  Not this last week or so.  Hm.  So these items are all a bit boring and uninspired, but what ya gonna do?  As I was sewing them I thought, *I should have made them flat front* *I should have figured out some kind of pocket* *I should add some trim* Meh.  Sometimes simple is good. 

I fell in love with this fabric when I made four skirts with it, one for engagement pictures for a friend and three for her bridesmaids at the reception.  And I bought this yardage clear back then (nearly a year ago) and it waited to be made in to something pretty.

So when the twins woke up I tried to get them to take a picture together, first sitting down.

But Georgia didn't like the sound of that and instead insisted on petting Elizabeth.

So I finally got her to sit down and got lots of pictures like this.  So, why not stand up?

Because then this happened.  Elizabeth just wasn't digging it.

That's alright, we'll go with a headless picture.  The leggings are from Ottobre 6/2012, Ruusunpuna leggings (80cm).  I previously made a stack of these so I knew they would work for what I wanted.  Since you would be able to see the seam I wanted it to be on the inside so not as visible.  They are a little long and the hems are more stretchy than the other pairs so they sit lower on her foot than the others.  Just means they'll last the summer, right?

I kind of like this one.  (she was still crying... and wouldn't give up the blanket, monkey or hairspray lid), it looks all artsy like I meant for it to be this way.

Then there is George.  She was the perfect little model and held so still for me:)  She mostly gave me a vacant stare slightly to the left, but she did look at me for a split second or so.

I did a single seam in the back, by cutting one of the gray strips off, same with the yellow skirt.  So, still nothing on my mind to be next, but I've got a night to think about it;)  Maybe get a head start on shorts for the oldest two?  Or some shirts for the twins... Izzy's belly is outgrowing most of hers...


  1. I love the skirts - sometimes simple is best :-) Great pics too
    Re the sewing block - I get like that, particularly towards the change of season - done enough for the current season but not quite ready to embrace the next one...

    1. I really think that might be the reason. Winter clothes wont get much use and I am worried that if I make summer clothes now they wont be the right size, either grow out of them way too soon or I will make them too big thinking they will grow more.

  2. That fabric is perfect for Lazy Day skirts! It'll come to you what to work on next. Perhaps do what mcholley1 on flickr did...pull fabric and patterns to plan out the next few projects.

    1. I should, maybe then something will catch my eye.