Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The lace tee and a skirt.

Only yesterday I was complaining about the fact I didn't have anything exciting on the brain, which led to searching the web for something to do with the left over lace from those leggings.  When I ran across this gem.  Oh.My.Gosh.  I had to make it immediately.  I started to search her blog for any other posts that might include the shirt and came across a few helpful posts (that I will link to when I explain the shrt a bit more  *updated: she has now linked to the posts I also linked to... just so ya don't think I am crazy and missed them:) *).


Here it is paired with her new-ish but never blogged Oliver + s Hopscotch skirt (also a ribbon covered bangle she made herself this weekend).   The skirt is size 6 and she picked the pink buttons herself, I tried to steer her towards white so it would match everything, but she insisted.  She's cute,  I let her get away with it. 

How did I not realize the picture potential of this small bit of fence that I share with my one of my neighbors? (one of 5, that's a lot of people that touch our property).  Now I am even more excited for the grass to turn green.  I was so excited for her to get home from school so she could try it on.  She looks at it and first thing she says to me "Can I wear it to school tomorrow?" the next "Will you make me another one". 

Obviously (well, if you read my blog regularly or are a contact on flickr) you know the lace was white.  I used RIT dye, aquamarine, and while I would have liked it a bit darker, this works just fine.  I should have remembered the color since I had used it before...

Awwww! Look at how little they once were!  Three months or so here ... And look at how Georgia (left) used to be bigger than Izzy!  Well, not a lot bigger, but a half pound or so.  Now they are six pounds different!

I just had to include this one because who doesn't love ruffle bums on babies?  These were pre-blogging days, and very early on in my sewing adventure. 

Okay, so back to the shirt.  I studied every picture on her post and read the description over and over again trying to get every bit of information before starting.  I saw this post that gave a look at the neck finishing and this post that talked about color blocking. 

Here are the two pieces that I used to make mine.  I used the flash back skinny tee size 6 as a guide.  I followed the dip of the front neckline, but next time will either do in between the front and back, or just use the back as it ended up a little too wide.  Also I need to make the sleeves a little wider for a more comfy fit, maybe go straight from the neckline instead of slightly diagonal.

*Updated to add: I have been talking a bit with her on her blog's facebook page and she suggested starting the sleeve a little further down and curves instead of angles- if that helps anyone... plus for my own notes!*

The deal is she has to get her room clean before I make her another one... though I kind of want to make one before that, chances are it will take her days to get around to it, ha!


  1. I love the outfit and she's a gorgeous girl!

  2. Great outfit and awesome sewing:):)

  3. She's stunning! I adore the outfit and the lace/knit's something that I can see all 3 of my girls wearing.

  4. Very clever, Brittney - it looks fab!