Monday, March 4, 2013

Sketchbook shorts.

I bought the Oliver + s Sketchbook shirt + shorts pattern last summer, but was intimidated by it at the time.  I didn't think I could do it with what little experience I had back then.  I was so silly.  These shorts are SO easy! I made a size 4 as that is what I normally make for him in the other O+s patterns, but these turned out a little tighter than planned.  (to be honest, I didn't look at the measurement chart before I cut them out).  They are fine for now, but I am almost certain they will be outgrown with in a month or two. 


I used some army green bottom weight.  He has never noticed pockets until I started making his pants, now he can't get enough of them!  He was disappointed there were no "secrets" on this pair of pants (ie, different patterned waistband lining or pocket lining). 

He is also wearing a field trip raglan, size 4, that I made a couple weeks back. He has no idea who Weezer is, but he loves his "flying W shirt" (what he calls it) and picks it everytime it comes out of the wash.

I chose not to do the exra topstitching around the pockets since I didn't have a thread that would match well.  I love those pleats!

The shorts are perfect for jumping on the little trampoline,

climbing over obstacles,

going super fast down the slide,



And just running around the back yard in general.  He was so funny, "Mom, take a picture of me doing _______ " "Okay, now take one of ________" he was quite the director this time.  Oh boy, my back yard needs some TLC.  Guess what though? It is finally warm enough to wear shorts (anything over 60f is perfect) so that means it will be time for the grass to start growing again!  ... and that means it is time to sew faster, we'll really be needing shorts before you know it!


  1. These are great shorts. I haven't used this pattern much either - up until a couple of months ago, I had only made two pairs of these!

  2. My favorite shorts/pants pattern! I love these! I've made them in green too, and Joe wore them to death!