Friday, March 22, 2013

Roller skate for the smallest one.

After the first Roller Skate I made for the twins I knew it wouldn't be one they could swap.  I have always just made one size for the twins but lately I have noticed I need to start making them separate for a lot of patterns.  So, I made an 12 month with extra length since she is tall.  I don't know how much length, I just eyeballed it... I should really start making notes!

She wasn't as cooperative this time, ha! Normally she will stand so still while I snap away, but she was a little ham this time. 

I even tried tossing my lens cap and snapping as she walked closer, but that didn't work too well, I typically got silly faces or out of focus shots (or cut off feet, see above)

So I settled with what I could get.  Oh well. 

So more on the details.  I did the yoke option (obviously) and added a fairy tale like belt over the top.  I didn't think about it until a few minutes ago, but I probably should have lowered the casing since she is more of the 18m/2t length but the 12m markings.  Oops.   When I stitched the belt on the first time I didn't stretch it at all, but soon realized it wouldn't stretch at all then when dressing her, so unpicked and stretched a little as I hand stitched it on.   Oh, and I sewed the pattern per instructions and then just hand stitched the belt on in the end.  I really like the look of it!  It added quite a bit of time considering the time it has taken me previously (the *cough* four previous ones... how long has this pattern been out again? Oh yeah, not that long!)  But I am a slow hand sewer.

I couldn't get a good shot of the back of the belt (remember my uncooperative model?) and she wasn't interested in taking the dress off, so I will explain what I did the best I can, ha!  And if there is any interest I am sure I can be talked in to doing a mini tute on the belt;).  So anyway, when I stitched it on I started in the back middle and tucked the raw edges in to the tube, sewed all the way around, when I got back to my starting point I over lapped my belt by an inch (or under lapped?  I tucked it under my original starting point), then I stitched the top and the bow.  I was tossing around putting the bow in the middle, but I like it off center. 

What to sew now?


  1. Such a little sweetheart:):) I like the belt addition, seems to "dress" up the dress, if that makes sense:) Another pretty roller skate !!

  2. You are the roller skate queen! Love this one

  3. I love that little bow! So early sixties and chic. And she is the cutest - even when she's "uncooperative."

  4. The dress is so cute! I love that the facing and the belt match. It's making me wish I had done the facing on K's dress!

  5. The belt addition is so sweet....and age appropriate! We have 'uncooperative' photo shoots at times too.....then, we laugh about them and decide it gives us ample material to write about :). Keeping it real, right?

  6. Your yoke turned out lovely! Great detailing.

  7. I love your fabric choice. I like the view from the back :)
    Totally understand the uncooperative model thing. My miss is 15mo and will not stand still if she sees the camera, she runs and climbs and pulls her skirt or top up (depending what she's modeling).

  8. Love it! The facing and belt add such a pop of color, and your model is too precious for words :-)