Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another day, another dress.

Two posts in one day?!  The tunic from this morning was made yesterday, and the dress today was sewn during naptime.  Ben's aunt with kids Abby and Jack's age invited them to their pool, what else would I have done with three free hours besides sew? ;)


Yep, another Roller Skate.  Size 18 months view A with a bit of extra length.  A friend alerted me to a super fantastic sale on the Sarah Jane Out to Sea line last fall and I snatched up a few prints knowing they would be perfect for summer- I wish I would have picked up some more!  Abby has requested a Roller Skate top from the mermaid print, we will see... I should probably move on to another pattern for a bit;)

Little Missy was much more cooperative this morning, tonight she was trying her hardest to avoid me. We were in the front yard and she kept trying to run in to the street, so I tried to distract her by bringing out the slide.  It worked for a minute, then she ran away. 

But George loved it.  She kept trying to go down backwards, silly girl.

After being put back on the grass a couple dozen times, she found a basketball and practiced throwing it in the street, attempted to hula hoop and just ran around the grass for the next ten or so minutes. 

Lesson of the day?  Take Izzy's picture in the morning, or just use Georgia as the model, she holds so still for the camera. 


  1. Love your "roller skates" and your littles are darling !!!

  2. Must resist sewing this dress,we won't have too much warm weather but all your dresses are making it so hard!
    Now Tilly is at Kindy she doesn't need so many clothes.
    Sweet sweet little girls.
    xx N

    1. But then you could just layer them like Karen's ;) I am lucky our schools don't require uniforms!