Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ruffle shorts.

I went on a cutting spree last night, 2 Classic Picnic blouses and  4 pairs of Classic Picnic shorts.   I decided to sew one of the pairs of shorts for Elizabeth first, modifying them following Cindy's tutorial for knock off J.Crew shorts.  I still want to get some teal to copy the inspiration shorts. 
Anyway, I used some of the MM Dinky Dots that I picked up back when I made the Jumprope in teal

I made them in 18 month and they are pretty big on her, I knew they would be a little big but she could easily get away with 12 month.  I should have known being yesterday Georgia wore the ones from last summer.  My thinking was they would last for most of summer, we'll see.

I followed Cindy's tutorial almost word for word, the only thing I changed was the ruffle.  I don't know how to do a rolled hem (and didn't feel like figuring it out today;) so I cut my ruffle 3" and folded it in half while she cut hers 1.5" and used a rolled hem.  Also, I just used 44" for the length of my ruffle.  That was just about right, it could have been a little longer but I was going for an easy sew today. 

Cute, no?

Little sweetie's black eye is almost healed, yay! Those darn eye level tables...

Then there is Georgia.  This Ice Cream top is one of the first things I made for them, and also another pair of 6m shorts from last summer. 

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers (their favorite thing to do while in the front yard). 


  1. I love that last picture of the girls smelling the flowers!;) How nice that Georgia can still fit in the clothes from last year...the IC top and PS shorts still look as cute as ever. The ruffle shorts look great!


  2. Clever Cindy and clever you!
    They are so cute and my you sew so very quickly.
    xx N