Friday, March 29, 2013

A fancy skirt.

Abby decided she wanted a store bought shirt to wear for Easter this year.  She doesn't ask often for store bought and while I was a bit sad I wasn't really planning anything for Easter outfits this year so I let her buy it.  I had lots of great suggestions from friends as to which skirt to make to go with the top and  I settled on a Sunday Brunch in white denim.  Or so I thought.  Then I changed my mind and stayed up waaay too late last night playing with silk, chiffon and sequins.  (Actually the sequins were sewn on this afternoon). 


I ended up doing a Lazy days skirt with 4 layers of non-fray chiffon and a silk lining.  The skirt is so soft and flowy, so much better in real life than pictures.  I also did separate piece for the waistband.

I couldn't find a gray that went perfectly, but I thought this one went well with the chiffon. 

Pretty, right?  The sequins are only around the front part, the back waistband is plain. 

She loves the skirt and was dancing all over the yard in it.  It is perfectly flowy and twirly, it got her stamp of approval.  (I promise these pictures don't do the skirt justice, it is definitely a see and feel kind of garment)


  1. Oh, so very pretty Brittney! It would look gorgeous with a white leotard too :-)

  2. Ohhh yes,a white leotard would be gorgeous Justine.
    Its lovely Brittney,very very lovely.
    xx N