Monday, March 11, 2013

The perfect canvas.

The Oliver + S Roller skate really does make the perfect canvas, don't you agree?


 This dress was nearly completely designed by little miss.  I chose the applique and and the fabric for the hot air baloon, she chose the rest.  That means she'll love it even more, right? I made a size six view A just like yesterday, but added even more length than before.  Like 3-4 more inches.  I wanted it her to be able to wear it without leggings for one, and also maybe get longer wear from it too. 

I actually bought enough of the hot air baloon fabric to make her a roller skate from it, but she pretty much refused it.   That's alright, the twins will look beautiful in it.  She placed the clouds and baloon where she wanted them, then instructed me where to make the rainbow.  She wanted  the traditional rainbow colors, but I guided her to these since they went with the fabrics she chose.  I kind of regret not putting a sun behind one of the clouds... maybe it would have been "too much" though- yep, that's what I will tell myself.

Then a fun yellow button in the back! It really is sewn on straight but since it is a bit big it twists when you put the loop around. 


  1. I love this version too! The applique is so cute.:)

  2. i love the applique. it's so sweet.

  3. The applique makes this dress. Bravo!

  4. I think it's perfect without the sun :) And it looks so comfy!

  5. I love this, especially the handstitched rainbow. Awesome colour, I bet it gets a lot of wear.

  6. That is so cute!! I love the appliqué! I have been toying with the idea of trying that technique for a girl dress (I've used it for boys) but I am always stumped what to appliqué! I love what you did with the dress.