Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Fern shirt.

Today was dress like a book character day at school today.  Abby begged me to make her a "Fern shirt", she even did extra chores yesterday to butter me up.  I made the mistake of choosing to finish the fairy tale from yesterday before starting on the shirt, which turns out was a bad idea as I ended finishing just after midnight (had wait for it to come out of the wash to get rid of those blue placket marks). 
So I used the Oliver + s jump rope pattern in size 7 just like last time, but this time I shortened it to a shirt.  I love it!

And so does she.  I used a gingham since that was the only red in my stash, I am undecided on the buttons, but I didn't want to take the extra time to cover buttons.

Are you wondering what exactly a Fern shirt is?

Apparently Fern is the character in Charlotte's web.  Ben's cousin gave Abby a bunch of books she had outgrown (sixteen year olds don't need these kind of books anymore apparently ;) ) Abby is an avid reader, in fact, she is in second grade reading at a sixth grade level (please excuse the brag). 

Of course Fern needed a red ribbon (like the book cover)

And a pig. 

She was super happy with it.  First thing in the morning she ran in my room asking if I was able to finish it, and then gave me a "Thank you SO much Mom, it's perfect!" and a giant hug.  Worth it. 

She said one other girl was Fern today, and that one other girl was the only one who knew who she was, HA!


  1. Abby is a doll:) And an awesome job on your Fern shirt !!!! I love that book:)

  2. She's the spitting image of Fern!:) Hats off to you, Brittney for getting the shirt done in time.

    btw, You haven't seen Star Wars, haven't read Charlotte's Web (tell me you at least watched the movie!)...what are we going to do with you, Brittney??? :)

    1. Awful, isn't it? Ha! I think I watched the movie in elementary school... But, we borrowed if from my MIL so we can watch it next week over spring break:)

  3. I love this! It's both a practical separate and an awesome literary reference! (Even if you haven't read the book. Cough cough.)