Monday, March 18, 2013

Raven shorts.

It's spring here, yay! So that means Abby has been wanting to wear shorts to school, time to get sewing!  She has one or two pairs that still fit from last year, but when she wore one of them the kids teased her and told her she was against dress code because they were too short and she was going to be sent home, she came home crying.  She was at a different school last year and their only policies were no tank tops and no flip flops, apparently this school your shorts can't go above your finger tips with your arms straight down to your side.  Whatever, I seriously doubt they would send her home, but she doesn't want to get teased again. 
Okay, back story over, let's get to the pattern.  I used the Clever Charlotte Raven pants and shortened them to just above her knees.  I let her pick the color of them (a blue-green twill) since she was home last week on spring break and making requests.  I was trying to get her to go with gray or denim so they would match things already in her closet but she wasn't interested in that.  I "can just make her another shirt, right?" (That is her exact quote)


So, I had zero control over this outfit.  I tried to get her not to even wear them today since it was a bit chilly this morning but she insisted- in fact, she entertained the twins in their bedroom while I hemmed them since that was the last thing that needed to be done on them.   And honestly, anytime she will actually wear her Ice cream top I don't argue, she has only worn it handful of times since I made it in October

These are a size 6- for my notes:) I chose pocket number three, and lined them and the waistband with some scraps from the twins Geranium top, but I forgot to get a picture of that since we were in a hurry to get her off to school.  Aren't those pintucks down the front great?? That is what made me look at the pattern in the first place.  Well that, and also Cindy and Nicole's awesome versions.  They have an adjustable waist and  I thought the way CC instructs you to make the channel for the button elastic was pretty cool.  They are a really quick sew and I can see them being a staple.  I will for sure be making them in the fall as pants.

I am thinking of making them a little shorter next time, definitely in a easy to match color and maybe try a different pocket... I dunno though, I really like this one. 


  1. Oooh, these are so cute! I actually really love the length - longer shorts are more practical for playing than shorter ones in my own personal experience. And these have an early 60s Bermuda short feel to them. I also love this color and consider it practically a neutral! I'm like, what DOESN'T go with teal? It looks so cute with that Ice Cream top! Beautiful warm jewel tones!

  2. I really like these as long shorts! Of course mom can just make another shirt or two...and I'm sure she will.;)