Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Swingset set.

It feels like forever since I have sewn, or at least had a finished product to show- HA!  Oh my WIP pile is embarassingly large, but instead of finishing one of those needed items (like pjs for the twins) I decided that I just *had* to make a Swingset tunic + skirt.  So I did.  But then I couldn't get a decent modeled shot because it is sooo windy and cold outside (it dropped 25 degrees from the weekend!) and I tried to take photos in the twins' bedroom because it has the best light after nap time. 

Well, the best light if you aren't standing on the toybox with the window behind you... So this is the best shot of the front of the outfit.

There were lots of distractions. 

I made size 18 month top with an inch or two of extra length (just winged it so I am not sure) since Georgie will be wearing it later in the season.  The skirt is size 12 month with no mods, though I think I could either go with 18 month next time or add some length.  It was fine around the waist but will be too short before long. 

Since I couldn't get a good shot of the skirt, here it is on the wall!  I used the strawberry print for the drawstring and just a cream muslin for the lining.  I really want to make a chambray skirt, consider it added to the list.

And finally, smiles from Georgia.  She reaaaally wanted her picture taken and I was more than willing to oblige.  She sat so nice and still, said "chis" and even smiled! 


  1. It's adorable as are the twins!

  2. The swingset pattern is one of my all time favorite O+S patterns...how I wish it had a bigger size range! Love the Strawberry tunic and the red skirt (and Georgia's pretty smile!).