Friday, April 19, 2013

Parsley pants.

I am lucky enough to be on Rae's list of testers (have now tested the Pierrot, Geranium and Parsley) and she emailed last week to see if I was interested in testing her new pants pattern (which will soon be released, and I will update with the link *** It's here!***)  Of course I was!  I seriously LOVE her patterns.  So I volunteered to make 2 sizes since it looked like a fairly easy sew (and it was!) 


I made a pair of pants for Abby, size 6, she could have been in a 6 or 7.  This is some Lisette twill I picked up on super sale at Jo-Anns last season when my local one was closing and moving locations. 

The pattern could be as little as only one piece (same piece for the front and back), I love that there are no seams on the sides, only on the inseam. Easier to match plaids and stripes;)

I showed these the other day, and here they are again.  These ones I made as shorts and ombre dyed them, they are now in heavy rotation.  She wears them until I literally steal them from her room after bed to wash them.  Success?  I think yes. 


Here is a bit better shot of the ombre dye.  I kind of wish I had made the waist band/ top of the bum area a bit darker, but I was working only with the dye I had on hand. 

And I made a size 4 for Jack.  Apparently I didn't get a normal shot with his shirt down, so you get little boy tummy. 
I used super soft gingham and  some yellow I had on hand left over from the Fairy Tale belt.

His favorite part of the pants are the "awesome knee things!"  And he refused to let me do his hair becasue, and I quote:  "We aren't going to church today"  Apparently that is the only time I am allowed to put gel in his hair.

He loves them and I think he will get use from them even in the summer since the fabric is pretty light weight, he was super happy they were blue too.  He requested blue knee pads, but I over ruled ;)


  1. These look great! Ooooh, a new Rae pattern? Exciting!

  2. I love patterns that are a good basic and have lots of option to customize. The pants look great, Brittney!

  3. They all look great, I like how you did different versions!