Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shorts + Tank.

I was in Target the other day and stopped by their kids clothing section to see if anything caught my eye, and so much did!  So there I stood snapping pictures like crazy with my camera phone in the middle of the baby section... wait, doesn't everyone do that?  Come on, fess up!  HA! So I saw these super cute eyelet shorts in the exact eyelet I had seen at Jo-Ann's earlier (and also with Karen's Washi dress) and knew I just had to make something similar. 

I used the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts and made size 12 month, Izzy measured in to the 12m and George in the 6m, but they are a little tight on Iz.  I know, I know, white shorts for a 1 year old (or two one year olds) are just not that great of an idea.  I figure they can be bleached or even dyed eventually if they get too yucky. 

Also I used the scrap I had left from my jump rope dress to make the toddler swing tank free pattern from True Bias.  If I were to make the tank again, I would make the back opening a little longer as it is a little tough to get on Elizabeth, it is fine for George but she is smaller:)

These pictures just don't do the shorts justice...

And a red button for the back.

She kept crouching down like this, ha!

This face is just so Georgia, she pulls it all the time.

Aren't her pigtails just the cutest?  Although they make her look older :(


  1. The outfit is so pretty, Brittney! The colors are cool and fresh..perfect for summer.

  2. I am also one of those people who snaps photos of clothes in shops. Whenever I sync my phone, these random shots come up which I had totally forgotten about. Glad it is not just me!

    I love this outfit, the shorts are so pretty!