Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bright and bold, that's my style.  Luckily Abby is more than happy to oblige. 

The top is the Roller Skate, I think I need to start Roller Skates Anonymous... Size 6 tunic length in a super soft yellow gingham.  How did I not know gingham didn't need to be ironed out of the dryer?? I think I am in love!  Maybe it was just this one though:)

Rae emailed earlier in the week and asked if I was interested in testing her new pants pattern, I love testing for her- great patterns, great instructions, lots of fun.  Anyway, more details on the pattern (that I turned in to shorts here) later.  I was chatting with some friends and Johanna mentioned she cut out some pants that might be see through depending on the undies worn by her child and was throwing around ideas and one was ombre dying them.  I immediately loved her idea, and even had some white denim that also happened to be a little see through, so I decided to borrow her idea- and I love it!! I picked the denim up as a "damaged" piece because the bolt had been dropped on the ground so I picked it up for $/2yd (normally $12/yd) I just wish I bought more!  I used Violet RIT dye, I kind of wish I had left the waistband/top of the pockets area in a bit longer but my water was no longer warm.  Oh well.  And I think it would look even better with pants.

The details.  The button is purple though it looks a little navy here to me... Some lace trim I picked up second hand for crazy cheap.  I got probably 20 yards of various trims for $1!! Abby was super excited about the heart.

The kids at school are allowed to make paper airplanes during recess, well, Abby didn't know how but still tried and some girls made fun of her attempts.  Last night daddy taught her how to make a great one and today they all asked her to teach them how to make one as nice as hers.  She and Jack may be a little obsessed with paper planes... She requested a picture of her flying her new plane...

and asked if we could change the name of the shirt to the "paper plane shirt" :)


  1. That top is gorgeous! I really like the trim.

  2. Love the top and the shorts - the colours are great together.
    (& looking forward to hearing more about the pants...)

  3. Love that girl! Her "Paper Plane Shirt" looks great! I love it paired with the ombre shorts.:)

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  5. The paper plane shirt is killer! And I love the story about the paper planes, too. My dad makes a mean paper plane, and I grew up dreaming that one day, I might be as good at them as he is (I'm not - yet).