Friday, April 19, 2013

Little goldfish romper.

I have been wanting to sew a romper for the twins, I neaaarly bought a pattern the other night then a friend (Cindy, hello there!) was talking about sewing a romper from Ottobre.  Duh!  So I went through my magazines and found two.  Score.  I started with one in 3/2012, #1 Little goldfish romper.  I have only sewn from the magazines a handful of times so I was unsure which size to sew, I went with 86cm but that was a little too big.  Better than being too small though, right? Yes!


Also, I used a pink gingham and that was a mistake.  The pattern calls for poplin lined with gingham, but ya know, I thought I could get away with it.  Fail.  It is fine everywhere but the front panel, it tends to flop down.  Though, that could be because it is a little too big.  Time will tell. 

Oh, it is way too big for Georgia, but she was just rocking it so perfectly (the shirt is also too big, poor girl!).  Sparkly shoes? Check.  Upside down sunglasses? Check.  Cute little smile and adorable attitude? Double check!

The leg elastic was based more on Iz, though a little big for her too for growing room. 

It has cute crossed straps with an extra little strap to keep them crossed. 

See about the front?  I am going to use a heavier fabric (quilting cotton) and make it a size smaller, maybe keep the length though because they are both tall.  Not too bad for a first go! 


  1. It really is a very cute romper, and as for Miss Iz - :-)!

  2. Cute! Anna Sofia made one of these too, it is her photostream. It looks a great item of clothing for letting them play in the garden or splash on the beach.

  3. Adorable! Being a little big just means it'll fit all summer!:)

  4. So cute, Brittney!
    I sew these as well for my baby cousins!
    They looked really cute on them (I have to admit, I didn't follow Ottobre instructions as I have a serious issue following written-only instructions. Too spoiled by Oliver+S, lol)