Friday, August 9, 2013


Mr. Jack will be starting kindergarten next week and I have put off making school clothes for so long the date snuck up on me!  I have been thinking about these pants for a few weeks now, I asked Jack three separate days, three separate times if I could make him green pants- even showed him the fabric I was going to use.  He said yes, and seemed excited about them.  Well, today he went to play at a friend's house with Abby so during the babes naps I decided to finally make them.  I was so excited to show him... aaaand he hated them.  He said "I didn't think they would be that color green!" Huh?? We talked about this buddy.  So I had to bribe him with fruit snacks to put them on, then a funny thing happened.  An hour passed and he told me they were really comfy.  He still didn't like the color, but I was allowed to make him another pair in a different fabric.  He ended up wearing them most of the night and I *think* he likes them now.  We'll see.
These pants were heavily influenced by the fabulous Peta's (but remember how he said no red?  Yeah, otherwise I would have completely ripped her off complimented her design)  She sews some awesome things for her boys. 

So, on to the pattern details.  This is the Oliver and S After-school pants, size 4 with 2 inches of extra length.  I even did it right this time, and followed the lengthening instructions rather than just adding length to the bottom like usual. 


I love the fit!  While I have made the top once before this is my first time making the pants, but certainly not the last.  I showed Abby the ruffle pocket version and now she wants to be in line for a pair. 

I almost think I prefer sewing for boys (*gasp!*), I love thinking of ways to make "fun" things for boys as they are so hard to find in stores! 

This was his "can I have my fruit snacks yet??" pose:)

As with all Oliver + S patterns, I am always impressed with the seemingly simple details that make such a big impact.  How many people will look close enough at his pants while he is wearing them to notice them?  Not many, I am sure, but I think it is what takes them from being homemade to handmade.  I don't want my things to look homemade, I am always worried the kids will get teased and not want me to sew for them anymore.  Well, except for Jack.  I bought him a couple of shirts to start school and asked if I should buy him more and he said no, he wanted me to make some more.  Awww. 

Again, a Peta detail- and next I want to figure out how to do those rivets like her.  He loves this ribbon, I use it a lot in the waistband along with my size tags for his things. 

I only had to unpick once to make my yoke line up, yay! (haha)  I can't decide, do I just make red ones anyways, or something safe like gray or blue denim?  hmmmm....


  1. Totally love these - fabulous colour. You and Peta both do boys' clothes so well :-)

  2. They look fantastic! My Chappy would wear them in a heart beat. Thank you for the lovely compliments you've made my day which was crap until I came here.

  3. Peta makes such groovy boys clobber and so do you!

  4. These look great! Make red ones ... the girls can always wear them if he doesn't.

  5. Love love love them. The green is cool. Harry rocks his green jeans.

  6. I hope he has grown to like them a bit more because they totally suit him! He looks so cool. Have you shown him the red ones? I say go for it and make him some, he will look good!

  7. *applause* These pants are terrific. I LOVE the color and the details. I say go for a pair in red!

  8. I love these pants!! That color is fantastic! I really enjoy sewing for boys too - I love the subtle details and I find the constraints (such as they are) to be a fun challenge. But my little guy has become SO PICKY about what he wears, and has rejected several great pieces, so I'm feeling a bit down about the whole thing. Like your guy, he is picky about color, and in his case, doesn't seem to want anything "loud." Well, shoot, if I can't make boy's clothes in loud colors? That sucks! But I really want to get him used to wearing mama-mades again.

    Anyway, these pants. They are super awesome. I love them. I just got that pattern, and now I can't wait to try it out!