Saturday, August 24, 2013

A baby gift.

My sister-in-law is due to have a baby boy in the fall, and her baby shower was today.  So what do I do?  Decide to wait until nearly the last minute to get everything finished, ha!  I didn't really mean to procrastinate this time, but things kept piling up and that is just what kind of happened.  I was literally finishing up the hems on the shirts an hour before the big bash. 
One thing I love about sewing is being able to personalize the items.  I mean, don't we all love that?  My brother-in-law is a huge motorcycle fan (motorcycle racing/motorcycling?  Not sure what the correct term is here) so I knew the second I heard they were having a boy I wanted to make him some moto gear.  He gave me a few ideas of the brands (company? empire?)  he likes so I had something to work with.  I didn't want to give away what I was making, but I didn't know where to start, ha!


The one on the right is Fox, the center one is Honda, and the skidplate one is my personal favorite- and the one I was most excited about.  You see, he has this sticker on the back of his truck so I went home and googled it, trying to find anything like it.  Turns out he had one of his friends make it, so it was a ooak.  Well, that wasn't going to stop me now, was it?  So I took a picture of the back of his truck and played with it in photoshop until I had it just right, then printed it off and painstakingly cut around each.and.every.letter.  It took foreeeever.  But, it was SO worth it!  I am ridiculously happy with the way it turned out! 

The shirts are the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglans , the two white ones are 6month and the blue one is 18month. 

Again with the Field Trip Raglan, this time 12month with a painted moustache.  The pants are Oliver + S After School Pants, I made them the same time as Jack's red pair.  I did their maternity photos last weekend and we were talking about moustaches, real and fake, I thought they might like this one (they seemed to;).

These snugglers, oh how I love these things! I want to kiss who ever invented them.  When the twins were in the NICU they had just started using these on babies, they were flippin expensive too!  We bought two for home ($25/a piece) and could only afford/justify two, Elizabeth had GERD so she inevitably threw up on hers every night.  Let's just say, I think these will be my go-to baby gift, so handy! 

They are the Lotta Jansdotter snuggler (it's a free pattern) and since he is due in cooler weather I went with flannel on the outside and inside.

I wanted to make him some bottoms to go with the 6m and 18m shirts, but wasn't sure what season he would be in, so I owe her some later.   So a nice stack of handmades off to the next owner, can't wait to see baby C in them eventually. 


  1. What a generous gift Brittney - so much thought, love and work. I love the skid plate tee too :-)
    Wish I sewed when my kids were little - the smuggler would have been perfect for my winter babies

  2. Do you sleep? you're on fire!

  3. Amazing, Brittney! Did you use freezer paper stencils for all the shirts?

  4. Seriously!
    These are your last-minute gifts?! You're amazing!
    I'm pretty sure baby C will look so cute with these beautiful handmades.
    The smugglers look perfect baby-shower gifts!

  5. These are wonderful gifts, Brittney! I love how you carefully take in to consideration the parents' interests when making baby gifts.:)