Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Picking apples, er, flowers...

After all of my sewing in the last two weeks, I didn't plan on sewing this week at all. Gasp!  Buuut then I got talking to a new sewing friend and was itching to get behind the machine again, two days off is still a break, right? ;)
So I decided on the Oliver + S Apple Picking Dress for the twins.  Likely just Elizabeth for now though, I made a size 2T with 4T length as I read (in the forums, I think) that it can be a little short for taller kids (like mine), plus since it is big on George for now hopefully the extra length will help for later.  

I don't know how I haven't made this pattern before!  I had one planned last December, with fabric even set aside, but never got around to it. 
How cute will it be with knee highs and mary janes?!  Though I don't think I have seen knee high socks anywhere around here, hm...  But then again, it is a little long for now so maybe they wouldn't look like knee socks anyways.

I chose View B, I LOVE the double ruffle and thought the 3/4 sleeves were pretty cute too.  Unfortunately she pulls at the sleeves, maybe they are too tight for her?  Or maybe she just isn't used to having sleeves that length.  Surprisingly enough, she didn't touch the tie at all!  

She was so funny, she kept saying "sit mama! sit!" when I would ask her to stand so I could take a picture of her dress.  And I actually only got two pictures of her looking at me the whole time!

Yeah, she thinks she is pretty funny...

Then she thought it was quite fun to run away, look anywhere but the camera and pick my flowers...

I am going to miss my garden once it cools down (or she picks them all...)

I realize I didn't say too much about the actual pattern, but it sewed up like a dream.  No questions or tricky parts, no unpicking or scratching my head.  Can't beat that!  Also can't beat a stash bust, pattern and fabric.  I am thinking I will make the Family Reunion next which will also be a stash bust!  Because let's be honest,  I can't stay away from my machines for too long (by choice)...


  1. So utterly adorable, Brittney - the dress looks to be a perfect fit, and the photos are gorgeous.
    Maybe I should finally give this pattern a try....

  2. Sweet, sweet dress. It looks perfect on Miss E.
    I've been asked (demanded, requested ...ordered?) to make more dresses using this pattern. As you discovered it works up quickly and the end result is, well, simply sweet.
    Your photos are excellent and Miss E is starting to look all grown up, thankfully her adorable chubby little toes keep her in 'toddler' check!

  3. its beautiful, I love it.
    Clever girl.

  4. Such a lovely dress, Brittney!

  5. You are on FIRE, woman! My goodness, I can't keep up! I just bought this pattern recently, as I love the old-fashioned look, and was thinking of making one for my little niece (she's 3) who loves girly flouncy things. Your version is so cute, and so is Miss E. I love her little hair clip.