Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney inspired.

I have a friend with two adorable little girls who hires me to sew for them from time to time (here and here).  This time she wanted things to wear to Disneyland.  She found a few things on pinterest she liked, and when I posted Abby's top she requested one similar, but Disney inspired, of course. 

These two pieces were inspired by this outfit.  (All pieces I made are 6 month and 5T).  The tops are the Rosalie Ruffle Tee minus the ruffles, bottoms are the Cutie Pie  bottoms.  I don't love how the neckband is attached per the pattern so I did my own thing on these two.

I am so excited about the way these turned out!  Ariel will be impressed, I think;)  These are the Sweetheart Halter and I had an easier sew than the last time I used this pattern. 

And last but not least, Snow White, inspired by this shirt.  These two are also the Rosalie tee, all knits were girlcharlee, I love the selection of solids they have had recently! 

These were all my last week nap-time projects.  This week I need to work on some items for my sister-in-law's baby shower, though I haven't narrowed anything down yet- for sure the Lotta Jansdotter snuggler, a couple of t-shirts with motorcycling graphics (dad's a huge fan), and ... don't know what else!  What ever I have time for/catches my attention I suppose. 


  1. All adorable! Love the Snow White shirts. You are so very generous.

  2. You did a wonderful job sewing for your friend's daughters!

  3. You must be speedy on that machine! All these would take me more than a week. Your friend must be so happy.