Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweetheart halter.

So, I really wanted to love this project, I really did.   But I struggled.  I thought the instructions were somewhat lacking, and was annoyed that there were no pattern pieces, only dimensions.  Yes, all the pieces were rectangles, but then I end up wasting time making my own pattern pieces rather than wasting a bit of ink.  Is that just me? Maybe I am in the minority on that one...

But honestly, I do love the result.  Aaaand, I have two more cut out for the twins so I shall just have to get past my annoyance. 

It is the Sweetheart Halter by peekaboo patterns.  I have made a few of her patterns before (here, here, and here) without problems, but for some reason this was taking me way longer to figure out than it really should have.

For the bodice the instructions say to cinch up the top and tuck all the pieces to hide seam allowances (not the exact words, but pretty much sums it up), not pleased with the result.  Maybe sewing a little elastic under the contrast piece will give it a better gather?  I don't know!  But like I said, I have two more already cut so I better figure something out.

Also, I chose to follow the Oliver + S method for attaching the bias ties.

I do like the back.  I left the ties a few inches longer as I had extra length when making the bias ties. 

And did you notice?  Little Missy "finally!" got her ears pierced.  Daddy told her when she turned eight she could, and well, she turned eight on the fourth.  She was so excited, and so brave.  Though I really should have thought it through, she is going to the lake this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa... Probably should have waited until next week so it would be less likely to get infected, but the stars aligned and the twins woke up late and were happy this morning so we went to the mall! 


  1. It's a sweet top, but I'm with you on the having to draft the pieces yourself - if you pay for a pattern, then you should actually get a pattern.
    And I love her earrings!

  2. Good to read your review on this pattern. It's next on my list just as soon as I get my sewing room back.
    Despite the problems, the top looks good!
    Brave girl getting her ears pierced. The little hearts look cute.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the pattern.
    So grown up with earrings!
    xx N

  4. The heart earrings are so cute! Brave girl! The top is cute...I like the pop of blue on the front. And yes, if I'm paying for a pattern I want pattern pieces.

  5. I'm glad I read this I've glanced at this pattern a few times this summer. It turned out very cute- but I agree if I'm paying for it I want to print my rectangles out. Too bad I have never had bad luck with her patterns. Congrats on the earrings :) -Rachel