Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A day of dolls.

I recently made some doll clothes and hair bands for Abby's 18" doll, and she and her cousin Beth spent the afternoon dressing, posing and taking pictures of the dolls.  (okay, I took the pictures, but the girls chose where to place them and what angles to take them from)

All the outfits were made from scraps left over from other projects or fat quarters, love that! 

The tops are the free popover sundress, dolly sized, from Oliver + S and the bottoms are Liberty Jane Skinny jeans

The headbands are just felt circles sewn together with a button, then hot glued to 1/4" elastic.

I decided to add a little flair with some pom pom trim.  These pants are the same pattern just shortened some.

You might be wondering what this yellow thing she is standing on in our back yard is... it is what I like to call the puke machine.  It is a Ben made merry-go-round, and yes, it has made kids puke (none of my kids, though).  It goes so fast!  But the kids love it, especially the twins.

Some lace on this one, and a cool idea we saw online (sorry, can't remember the source!) to use a scrapbooking brad as a ring. 

A little flair on the back of the jeans never hurt anyone.  I struggled with the topstitching on these because the pieces were so tiny!

I scored this bookshelf a while back at a garage sale for $10, she was originally asking $50 but I went back late in the afternoon and she just wanted it gone!  So my awesome MIL haggled for me:)  The kids had tons of fun making decorations and using my "special tape" aka washi tape. 

These cool chandeliers are a free printable from here.  We used cardstock instead of cardboard, but we probably should have used the light cardboard as suggested.  Oh well. One is covered in red glitter and one is colored by Abby and Jack.

Jack drew all the kids in photo frames, while Abby drew the Declaration of Independence, ha!  She cracks me up.  

All in all, a fun, creative day with the kids!  And, um, doll clothes are kind of addictive! 


  1. Love all of these clothes, Brittney - so cute!
    Can't agree on the addictiveness of doll clothes though;-)

  2. OMG! These are FANTASTIC! What lucky girls! Those skinny jeans are to die for and teeny tiny o+s patterns? Are you kidding me? Dying.