Friday, July 26, 2013

Abby's Ayashe.

Miss Abby starts third grade in less than a month.  What does that mean? Time for new school clothes, of course!   Ben has been working out of town this week, so I have been able to get extra sewing time in, and it seems to be the week of the Ayashe for me!  So instead of chilling on the couch after the kids went to bed, and instead of going to bed at a decent hour, I decided to blast quietly listen to The Killers and get my sew on. 


I made a size 8/9 as that is what she measured in.  I had planned to do the elastic in the hem of the sleeves and a tie at the shirt hem, but it came out too short.  Sigh, she may not get as much wear as I had hoped out of this, hopefully it will last until fall.  I wonder if I should shorten the sleeves some?  They seem to hit at an awkward spot. 

I picked up this Lisette lawn on closeout.  Score!  It is so soft and airy, she loves it.

So after being disappointed at the length, I decided to make another and add some length, then I decided why not make it a tunic?

I lengthened the 8/9 by 9 inches, slightly flaring the top out starting just under the arm and curving the hem a little.

I also pleated the places that were instructed to be gathered.  I thought it gave it kind of a fun, different look.  Also, rather than turning the sleeves under and hemming, I turned them to the outside and added some neon pink piping left over from the faux romper.  You might have noticed the front looks slightly different too, I loved Nicole's laced Ayashe and shamelessly copied complimented her idea (and Sarvi's ) though I only stitched the piping, not the extra decorative stitches.  I also added some width to the sleeve and pleated in the center like this one. 

I am not done stealing complimenting Nicole's designs, I have the skirt cut to go with the long sleeved blouse that was completely inspired by her again.  I just love my sewing pals and the amazing inspiration they provide!


  1. So gorgeous Britters!
    Thank you for the compliments and I love our sewing community too.
    May have to do some 'complimenting' of my own with this tunic.

  2. Think I may also be complimenting this one ;-)