Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swing top.

I wasn't really planning on sewing kids clothes this week.  Gasp! I know!  Then this morning I found a melted crayon all over an entire load of the kids clothing that had just come out of the dryer... Sigh...  I did find a post on the net about how supposedly you can get it out using dish soap, laundry soap and vinegar- so far no good.  It also said sometimes it takes a few runs through the wash first, I am not holding out much hope.  The ironic thing?  I actually was planning Abby and Jack's school wardrobe this morning (school starts in 4 weeks).  Oh well, that's life, right?  
So I had seen a tutorial from Mad mim for a swing tee with a 2T printable.  Score, Elizabeth is currently that size RTW.  It is a really cute top (IMO), the shape is great, and there are minimal seams due to the way she has you cut your fabric.  The whole top was like, 30 minutes, from printer to baby.


Can you believe this super cute dotty knit is from Walmart?!! Me neither.  I happened to walk past their fabric one afternoon (don't do that very often) and saw this knit that I had literally just seen the week before in my local shop.  It is a David Textile print, I have seen them popping up at my local quilt store as well as Jo-Anns.  It was on clearance for $3 as well as some teal and hot pink ribbing (that I of course also picked up). 

So the top is a little tight on Elizabeth, which I should have been able to see that it would be, but never fear for it fits Georgia just fine.  The next one (yes, there will be a next one... probably this afternoon;)  I will add a little room to the chest, maybe a little length on the sleeves?  I was also considering a hi-low hem.  And the neckline, sigh.  It gapes.  I'll have to try and fix that too (my fault, not the pattern).  Also,  I will have to get a better shot of the top, maybe hanging, because like I said the shape is so cute. 

And those shorts?  Yeah, she barely fits them now! Probably time to add some more of them to the list too!

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  1. Cute top - love this pic of her
    I think the shorts fit fine from here :-)
    And major PITA re the crayon....hope some of the washing can be salvaged!