Thursday, July 18, 2013


Today.  Today I went with one of my most used patterns, the Field Trip Raglan.  These were a combination of the dryer incident and realizing this little guy starts kindergarten in, oh, a month.  He was running a little low on t-shirts, and is always so excited when I make things for him, so this was a no-brainer. 

If you have read my blog before, you probably heard that he is obsessed with Angry Birds.  Well, sharks are a close second.  He LOVES to read about sharks and watch documentaries on them.  So, I made him this tee in super soft jersey from girlcharlee and added a shark silhouette using a freezer paper stencil, acrylic paint and a fabric medium. 

Don't let this picture fool you, he was SO excited.  This was just his face when I showed up at Grandma's and told him I wanted a picture of his shirt.  Not too happy to stop playing for, I don't know, three minutes? 

I can see now that I really should have moved the stencil up a bit.  Too late for that.  I really wanted to do one diagonally or semi angled near the chest and one that wrapped around the side (head on the front of the shirt, tail in the back) but he refused my brilliant idea.  He is getting quite opinionated as far as his clothing goes.  In fact, he refuses to wear his Tom and Jerry shirt I made because the graphic isn't front and center. 

Ah, the anchor shirt.  He was sitting next to me one night as I was searching the girlcharlee site and begged for this fabric.  He wanted me to make him a shirt from it that night. heehee.  I was a little slower than he would have liked, but he was super excited when he saw me cutting it this morning.   And, so, the sleeves look off in the picture, but I promise in real life they are the same length!

The big kids are off this weekend on an adventure with Grandpa and Grandma, so maybe I will get a few more items in this week during naptime.  Their closets could use it (remember the aforementioned dryer incident?). 


  1. You are on a roll!
    Kind of wishing I was doing KCW this time around - totally lacking in motivation to do anything...

  2. So cute! Love the stencil - I need to start painting shirts for Joe. I have this pattern, but haven't tried it yet. So inspired by all of your versions!

  3. I LOVE the shark shirt! Of course, you have a pretty cute model too.;)

    I had my own experience with a crayon in the dryer. My fault as I picked a couple up off the floor and stuck them in my pocket, forgetting all about them when it was time for laundry. I was able to save a few pieces of clothing by spraying WD-40 on the melted crayon marks and then putting blue Dawn dishwashing on the stain to get the greasy mark left from the WD-40 off. But it didn't work on all the clothes.