Thursday, May 2, 2013

Favorite characters.

So not only is Jack obsessed with Angry Birds, but Tom and Jerry hold a special place in his heart too.  We have a couple of dvds and he watches them All.The.Time.  I mean like, every day if I let him.  (Mama wants sewing time? Put the twins down for a nap and pop in T+J, *wink wink*, works every time.)
I had been thinking about making him a Tom and Jerry shirt, then Ben suggested I should do it before I had said anything to him about my idea, so I knew I just "had" to:)  Plus, I recently picked up a walking foot and was dying to try it out! 
He cracks me up, yesterday Grandma came over while I was making them and Jack had been visiting her house earlier in the day, she said he told her all about how he was so sad they weren't made yet.  "Mom tried to make them yesterday, but she ran out of ink so Jerry was pink not brown."  But I get points for not taking as long with these as the Angry Bird shirt, right buddy?


Both are size 4 with length Oliver + S Field Trip Raglans that I have made oh so many times before.

He had a hard time deciding which one to wear today, but in the end I knew which one would win his heart, the blue one. 

It has a lot going for it; #1 it is blue, #2 Tom is harassing Jerry, Jack loves when they fight. 

Also wearing his wrinkly Parsley Shorts. 

As I was printing off Jack's graphics, I remembered that the twins could use some more shirts, especially play shirts.  So I found some of their favorite Sesame Street characters and added them to the list. 

George LOVES Bert + Ernie, we have little plastic characters that go they play with on Hooper's Store and she always chooses them, and screams at the top of her lungs if anyone (Izzy) dares take them.  The girls always watch Sesame Street before naptime to wind down (thank you PBS) and Elizabeth loves Elmo's world and Cookie Monster. 

So, that is what they got!  Each have their favorites on their shirts.  Maybe I should have switched them though so they can look at their favorite instead, ha!  Georgia is wearing the Puppet Show shorts from last year, with room still to grow.  My master plan worked out after all!

I asked them to stand by each other and look at me, this is what I got.  As usual, Georgia obeys, and Iz... she was close.

I thought maybe asking them to show me their shirt would work,

but instead I got "That Elmo, that ookie!"

And "That ert and nernie"

Fine, so do something cute instead, how about a hug.


Georgia let Elizabeth have one hug, then she was done.  ^^This is Elizabeth trying to corner her for another one.  Iz likes to hold George down or tackle her and give her hugs and kisses.  Georgia doesn't like it too much.  The other day Georgia was wearing her 2 + 2 and Iz pulled her down by the ties, unfair advantage? 

They both have the "Sesame Street" tag on the back of their shirts, oh, and both of the shirts are also Field Trip Raglans size 18m with extra length since it is a size bigger than they both measured in to (almost 2 sizes to big for Georgia).


  1. You are the best mum!
    I think Jack and Will would get on well - T&J was a favourite of his too!

    1. Thanks Justine! Isn't it funny, the old cartoons are still so loved. We also love Looney Tunes:)

  2. I love that you put the Sesame Street on the backs too...such attention to detail! The shirts look great, Brittney!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I thought it was a fun touch:)

  3. Love the new blog design, and love all these t's! What transfer paper do you recommend? Your graphics look fantastic.

    1. Thanks Melissa! That is very sweet. I just used Avery brand paper, light or dark depending on the shirt. My husband picked it up for me a while ago:) If you use this brand I suggest keeping heat a little longer than suggested on the package- learned that by trial and error!