Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jack had a birthday, shout hooray.

So I don't normally post things that aren't sewing related, but I made a few things for his birthday that I wanted to share...
Jack turned 5 last week, and that lucky little boy got two parties! A friend party and a family party. 


So I decided I wanted to make him an Angry Bird cake (in case you somehow missed it, he is OBSESSED with Angry Birds) I searched pinterest and found some ideas that I liked and just kind of did my own thing. 

I was going to go all out and do a sling shot too, buuuuut was pretty burned out by the time I got to the end, he didn't mind.  It was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and marshmallow fondant decorations.  I can honestly say I don't ever want to attempt a fondant cake again, one, it was a pain to work with and two it tasted nasty!  Poor adults didn't even get cake because I didn't realize how bad it tasted, or I would have made a plain one.  The kids didn't mind though, they even ate the birds!


The piggies.  He was most excited about the TNT boxes, one of his favorite parts in the game.

And the birds.  According to Jack I couldn't just make one blue bird because they split in to three when you touch them.  Okay buddy.

I am especially proud of these.  I also saw this on pinterest, but with very generic pig faces.  I started making different ones then Jack and Abby saw what I was doing and started critiquing and "helpfully" advising me.  I think they turned out pretty darn cool and apparently he likes all but one of them (one has a weird mouth apparently?).  The cans held up pretty well (I sprayed them with clear after painting, meant to use the clear varnish from my cabinets but I forgot) but after a few days of play the balls have completely worn off.

(P.s. I only made the cake for the family party, I took the easy way out and made cupcakes with A.B. toppers)

He got lots of Angry Bird items (suprise, suprise).  

Even a mask from his Grandparents that they picked up in Mexico on a cruise before they even knew he really liked them!

He was so funny, every time he opened a present that had to do with Angry Birds his jaw would drop and he would exclaim "how did they know I would love this?!"  haha!!

He also got a tool bench, tools and tool box (oh, and a tool belt, more on that later).  I found the tool bench at a garage sale that was in great condition for only $10. Score!  Then I noticed the tools were sold at Target, and his Uncle and Aunt bought him the tool box.  He was in heaven.

A few weeks before his birthday I volunteered to help a friend test her new pattern for a tool belt, about half way through I remembered I had bought the above mentioned tool bench and stashed it in my in-law's garage, duh!  He and his cousin were playing with the bench and fought over who got to use the handmade belt instead of the one that came with the tools. 

So the pattern is from Elizabeth Wyatt, it is the Little Man Toolbelt.  I know you think I am probably saying this because she is my friend, but I am not, I loved this pattern!! It is geniously put together and highly recommend it! 

There are four pockets and one zipper pouch, plenty of room for stashing tools!  Or legos, or gardening tools, so many possibilites! Oh, and I used a really light weight denim for the main panel and twill left over from many shorts projects (always save your big-ish scraps!).

I love the waistband too, it has a strap adjuster so it can fit anywhere from a 2T to size 10, and velcro so it is easy for the kids to do themselves. 

His poor sandbox pants have lost both their back buttons but he doesn't mind, he also doesn't mind that it is 100f outside. 


  1. You did an amazing job with the cake and the skittles
    Lovely mummy :-)

  2. Looks like he had an awesome birthday! I am way impressed with your cake decorating skills and your creativity in general. You rock, Brittney!

  3. That does look like an awesome birthday! I'm especially loving that tool belt! My little guy would be all over that! And your Angry Birds can and balls! Wow! Lucky boy!