Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twin geraniums.

I saw this skirt in the Oliver + S flickr group and was immediately inspired to copy it.  I happened to hit up the local variety store that afternoon as I was in need of felt to finish a project for Jack's upcoming birthday party, so I picked up some chevrons to compliment her design.  As they were in the wash I started thinking that what the girls really need are tops, they have so many shorts and skirts!  So I settled on the Geranium tunic, but the thought of matching the chevrons on the bodice made me wince, so I chose to use a different print for the bodices. 


Not going to lie, I didn't like them at first.  I mean, I liked the two fabrics when I held them together before sewing, but as I finished them I was unsure...

But I think I have changed my mind now that I have seen them on the girls.  They are both size 2t, and that is too big for them, but I wanted them to last.  Their 18month Geraniums were getting a little tight on Elizabeth, but still a little big on George.  Maybe I should have made a 18m + 2t.  Oh well, too late now!

It was pretty much impossible to get a picture of them together, no matter how hard my sweet mother-in-law tried to help.  That is just how they are!  I used snaps for the back of both the tops, easier to dress them!

Yeah, it was pretty much impossible to get one of Iz too... ^^This is the best I could get.  It was tough to match the chevrons (there are three seams on each dress to match), I didn't get anywhere near perfect, but with all the gathered fabric it isn't super obvious, at least I hope not!

Georgia would sit nice and still, but wouldn't look at me, ha!

I really like the strawberry, but it kind of gets lost in all the fabric as she moves.

She kept smelling/kissing the flowers, I couldn't tell which, but she was saying "Mmmmm!".  Cute girlies!

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  1. Oh, these dresses are so darling! I like the fabric combinations! They are unexpected, but that's the charm of them. And the twins - they are getting so big, and so wiggly, but they are still so sweet.